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How to Export/Import Addresses from Outlook

If you are using Outlook, please follow these steps:

In Outlook

  • Click File >> Import and Export.
  • Export to a file, click on Next.
  • Highlight Comma Separated Values (Windows), click on Next.
  • Highlight Contacts, click on Next.
  • Browse for an output directory and enter a file name.  Click on Next.
  • Click on Finish.

In Windows: 

  • Locate CSV file.
  • Double click to open it (It will open in Excel).
  • Delete all columns except for First Name, Last Name and E-mail Address and make sure those columns are in that exact order, and that the Headers are typed exactly as shown here: "First Name" "Last Name" "E-mail Address"
  • Clear out any rows that don't have an email address in it or is otherwise corrupt.
  • Save.

In Etools:

  • Log into your etools fundraising page with the username and password provided
  • Click on Address Book
  • Click on Import address from Outlook/CSV
  • Search for and choose your CSV file in the pop up window, click on Open
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