I'm seeing strange symbols on my webpage
Posted by Amy Stockinger on 05 January 2010 05:21 PM
If you're seeing strange symbols on your page, you probably typed your Text in another program such as MS Word, and then copied/pasted it into your website. This can cause formatting issues like you're seeing. You'll need to login and on the Edit Page tab, you'll need to delete the entire word (any word you're seeing this issue with), including the spaces before and after that word because the formatting is hidden, and then retype the word. This is how you fix the ones that are coming up weird on your page.  Be sure to Save when you are done.

Word has some formatting quirks that don't translate well to webpages, so if you decide to type in Word first, save that document as a .txt (text) or .rtf (rich text) file. You can open these types of files in Word but they aren't Word documents. You can safely copy/paste from a .txt or .rtf file into your webpage without risking any crazy formatting errors.
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