How to enter Cash donations online
Posted by Amy Stockinger on 07 October 2009 10:41 PM

If you receive a cash donation you can deposit it into your bank and either convert it to a check and send it in to your local chapter for processing, or make the donation to yourself online. Making it online is probably the easiest way and it's definitely the fastest.

To post a cash donation to your site in someone else's name, you have to:
1. Go to your website and click the Donate button
2. Fill in the personal info with YOUR own information (the info entered here has to be the cardholder's info, and that's you)
3. Fill out all the form as required with your info
4. Near the bottom of the form is a header that reads "Add Comment & Edit Donation Privacy" - Click this header
5. The form will expand and allow you to enter a "Display Name" - this is the name that will show on the webpage as the Donor
   You can also leave a comment, hide the amount, etc.

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