I am having difficulty logging into my etools fundraising page.
Posted by Helen Ellis on 14 July 2009 06:39 PM

1 - You receive an Invalid Username or Password error but you know the information is correct.  You try to get a new password sent to you and you get an message saying "Could not find a user with this e-mail address".

We seem to see this most frequently when someone is signing in from a networked office computer, it's usually because corporate network security and/or firewalls prevent the transfer of data to and from our site. Please try from your home or other non-networked computer.  The number of instances of this has gone down, but some still do exist.


2 - The sign in page accepts your username and password but you get a completely white screen after login.

Please make sure you are running the correct version of software.  Older versions of these products are less reliable and may cause some issues with pages not loading properly:

Internet Explorer - versions 6 and 7

FireFox - version 2.00.13 and 2.00.14

Safari 3.1.1

The most recent version of Adobe Flash Player needs to be running.  Go to and click on the “Get Adobe Flash Player” to download and install the latest version.

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